Sustainability Report

Sogin annually publishes the sustainability report to describe the Group's performance from an economic, social and environmental point of view. The document is divided into sections, each of which deals with a relevant topic for Sogin and its stakeholders. In addition to a presentation of the Group's activities and the governance, the document describes the main decommissioning and radioactive waste management projects in Italian power plants and nuclear plants and the market activities carried out in Italy and abroad.

The engagement activities addressed to the various categories of stakeholders were then reviewed and the data relating to procurement, personnel and the environment were reported.

The Sustainability Report is prepared in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Standards of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), according to the "in accordance" op​tion. In addition to meeting these standards, the document is drafted in consideration of the informative needs of the stakeholders, for which the Group adopts an active listening policy, also through the realisation and the updating of the materiality analysis.

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